Talk about other issues caused by health anxiety.
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By Hannahj1710
I started my counselling yesterday, this was very intense and everything was discussed things I didn’t even think of prior!! It went really well I felt really positive.

All of a sudden I felt horrendous, anxiety attacks, couldn’t breath, couldn’t stop my thoughts. I’d watched two documentaries, one about ted bundy and one about a man who killed his family as ‘Satan had told him to’ I completely know that this is a trigger of my anxiety and due to the fact they said he had done this due to ‘mental health’ I completely freaked out and worried that this would happen to me and I would turn into a serial killer. I was on the phone to the crisis team. I am going to the doctors today, they have said this is normal for your anxiety to completely spiral out of control.

Does anyone else experience this? Even the lady gaga and Bradley Cooper film where he killed himself was replaying and replaying in my mind. I try to steer away from anything negative as this is the impact it has on my anxiety. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?
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By scaredsarah
I watched that bundy documentary I think, was it the one on netflix? It's totally normal, I don't even watch hospital shows and pretty much avoid anything with a medical theme in case I get the symptoms of things people have.

Maybe watch a good documentary like blue planet? Or I did see a film called Whiplash which was brilliant, I would highly recommend it. But yeah it's pretty normal I think. It may even have been a panic attack.
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By Hannahj1710
Yeah it was Netflix. I should never have watched it as I am over sensitive and really anxious.
I have anxiety over everything and feel like I’m litterally going crazy. I’ve been doing so well I have no idea where this has come from.

I’ve been given Citalopram by the doctors she reassured me it’s just anxiety and has no worries at all about me or me being a serial killer! Jesus it really does make you feel stupid when you write these things down
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