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By anxiouslynervous
Around a year ago my friends dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he's doing ok with it as it seems to be "mild", if you can call it that. I remember when my friend was talking to me about it she mentioned how he was having spasms along with pain and numbness. I hadn't given it any thought for a long time but last week I started getting muscle twitching in my arms and legs and I'm pretty sure I have numbness in my right hand.

Anyway I tried to ignore it but later on in the day as I was sitting down the twitching became really bad. I really thought I was dying, my heart was pumping like crazy and I was in tears. I honestly thought I was going to die and it lasted for hours but eventually I feel asleep. I was ok for a couple of days but this morning it happened again before I had to go to uni and I ended up not going in.

Is this what a panic attack? I've been looking on the internet but I found this website, can anyone offer any advice please I'm worried I'm going to go crazy.
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By EugeneAbell
Yeah, it seems like a panic attack. It is always better to consult the professional doctor if you constantly face the same thing. A close friend of mine has also faced a similar situation but as he was enrolled under a Medicare insurance plan, he got his medical treatment done very easily. if you want you can also visit the source and can buy a suitable insurance plan in order to live a healthy life.
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